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  • This Asthma Education Programme has been developed by the Asthma Society of Ireland and The HSE National Asthma Programme to provide the core knowledge needed by healthcare professionals to manage the care asthma patients receive in line with international best practice. The Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) guidelines were locally adapted by the Quality in Practice Committee of the Irish College of General Practitioners and the Asthma Society of Ireland and published as ‘Asthma Control in General Practice’. These guidelines inform the content of the programme.

    The education programme will provide healthcare professionals with the basic knowledge to diagnose, assess, treat and monitor asthma patients, develop an asthma management plan in partnership with the patient, assess and treat asthma exacerbations according to the severity of the episode.

    The programme is comprised of six modules. Each module follows a similar format:

    • Learning aims and objectives
    • Supporting documentation/course material
    • Video presentation of each learning module
    • MCQ assessment

    It is strongly recommended as a minimum to download and print the “Asthma in General Practice Guidelines” (common resource to all modules) and the pdf of the Powerpoint Presentation for each module. This will greatly facilitate your understanding of the course material and completion of the MCQ assessments.

    All questions in the MCQ assessment must be answered correctly to allow the user to move on to the next module. There is an opportunity to review your answers before submission and there will be an opportunity to re-take the MCQ if the user does not pass on the first set of questions.

    If the healthcare professional is a nurse they should register with their local CNME to book a place on a training programme to cover the practical aspects of managing asthma.

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